AROMAS is a beauty culture company that creates dreams for our customers.

The reason why our products are best suited to inspire your life and mind is based on the know-how and technology we have developed through our own professional research. We have acquired safety certifications and design patents for our original products, and we spare no effort to help our customers achieve a more beautiful life through our select products.

We also offer product development, manufacturing, collaboration, and OEM services for corporate clients.

History & Product Introduction

We started planning and developing a professional nail dust collector.(2016)

BEME nail dust collector for professional use was released.

We invented the world's first disposable filter system with a cover. The cover prevents the filter from shifting from the main body, and prevents nail dust from falling into the main body, and the disposable filter can be used safely. With a thin design that has never been seen before, this product has solved the problems of nail artists who work long hours in salons as well as customers. (Now discontinued)

AROMAS was born as a product brand for a wide range of fields.

AROMAS (BEME professional nail dust collector plus)

Manufactured and configured in Japan and Korea. The new nail dust collector is more powerful than the first generation of BEME dust collectors, with an enhanced flow from the suction of invisible dust to the treatment of dust and bacteria. It also has an enhanced special coating that is less susceptible to chemicals. The new cushion filter (certified by a Japanese testing institute) catches even the smallest invisible nail dust and has antibacterial and deodorizing effects. The reinforced special fan also instantly sucks up invisible fine dust that spreads upward the moment it is shaved. This product is widely used by professional nail artists and self nail artists alike.

This is a product for which an international patent has been applied for.

It has been granted a design patent and a safety certification mark.


Cushion filter testing agency certificate

New Product Information

The new product we are going to start selling is a large silicon mat using food grade silicon. I would like to have a place where I can add text and other information later.


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