Take measures to prevent lightweight gel nail dust from flying around.


Did you know that gel nail dust is very light? It dances upwards the moment it is scraped off: 。。。。

It also sticks to the practitioner's skin because your face is in the hand of the treatment, and it also dances in the air.
The AROMAS dust collector uses a powerful fan to catch the airborne dust.
It is possible to use a stack of disposable filters and dispose of the top one each time.
The cushion filter should be attached firmly with the adhesive side.
It sticks to the fine dust. When it loses its adhesive strength,
it is time to replace it. The cushion filter is antibacterial under fluorescent light or sun light.
It is essential to counteract dust that is lightweight, soars, and has bacteria on the tips of your fingers.
Please use our popular AROMAS Nail Dust Collector.

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