AROMAS dust collector has been filed for International Patent Application Product (PCT).

In addition, we have obtained Korean KC certification, American FCC certification, European CE certification, and design registration patent certification.

Cushion filter

We are collaborating with a company with Japanese special technology.
By using a disposable cushion filter, dust treatment is more hygienic and easier to use.

For the cushion filter, firmly attach the adhesive side to the suction port of the main body floral pattern.
Replace when the adhesive is removed. (Usage guideline about 1 month)

The cushion filter has a function of deodorizing + fluorescent light and reducing germs by sunlight.
For those with fine dust such as machine bits and gels, it is also possible to use two layers of cushion filters and two layers of disposable filters.

The photo has obtained a certificate that it has an antibacterial effect when exposed to sunlight or fluorescent light.
It is also a test certificate that catches small dust.